Who We Help - Nick Alexander

We received the following letter from Zoe Alexander on New Year's Day. Her brother was killed in Paris on November 13th, 2015. We wanted to share this letter with all of you who donated to The Sweet Stuff Foundation. It is a testimony of how "doing the sweet stuff" makes a difference.  Thank you for helping. 
The Sweet Stuff Foundation.

On 13th November last year, just seven weeks ago, our lives along with those of so many others were changed forever. Learning that Nick had died in the attack on Le Bataclan was devastating to our family but as anyone who has lost a loved one knows, along with the grief comes a whole heap of practical issues which need attending to - difficult, to say the least, while you're dealing with the maelstrom of emotions in the glare of the world's media spotlight.

Like many people his age, Nick lived life to the full and with fearless invincibility. He had made no financial provisions in the event of his death, probably believing he had plenty of time to sort that out.  Sadly that proved not to be the case.

The Sweet Stuff Foundation's donation lifted a huge weight from our family and we would like to wholeheartedly thank you and all who contributed to the fund for the Paris victims.  No amount of money can change what happened that night but the peace of mind the donation gave at this difficult time was a truly invaluable gift, allowing us the breathing space to be able to remember, reflect and celebrate his life.

We've been truly touched by the amount of people who have reached out to us from across the world - seems like the darkness in some people makes the light in others shine all the more brightly.

We wish The Sweet Stuff Foundation and all your supporters a Happy New Year filled with love, light and music.

Nick Alexander

Thank you for your support!